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Tripletta is a show comprised of miniature works of art by a variety of artists, predominately from the Midwest.  One translation of the Italian word Tripletta is small triplet.  Each artist was challenged to create three works of art that were each 2.5”x 3.5” and no thicker than a quarter inch.  The choice of three was to give artists the opportunity to tell a larger story or show a bit of diversity within their chosen medium.  Regardless of each artists approach, size and quantity is the constant thread running through the show. 


The artists invited to participate ranged from sculptors to printmakers to ceramists and more. This was a unique challenge because many of the artists typically work large-scale and in some cases with materials that cannot easily be used at that scale.  Some of these artists pushed the boundaries of their materials, while others used this as an opportunity to explore other media to express themselves.


While the practice of miniature art making is not new, it is an art form that continues to intrigue.  From the Venus forms of the Paleolithic era to the royal portrait paintings from the Hindu culture and the Victorian period to the burial sculptures of Egypt, miniature art works become revered objects to those who own them. 


Tripletta is a group of these miniature works that become an intimate dialogue between the artist and the viewer.


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